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FP insight: Mitadiava sy manara-maso ny loharanon-karena momba ny fandrindrana ny fianakaviana

Knowledge SUCCESS introduces a new tool for finding, fizarana, and organizing important family planning information

Knowledge SUCCESS is excited to introduce FP insight, the first tool built by and for family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) professionals to discover and curate family planning resources. FP insight grew out of last year’s atrikasa fiaraha-mientana as a way to address major knowledge management challenges in the FP/RH field.

The Challenge: So much information!

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Information is coming at me every day from different sources—newsletters, websites, journal alerts, links in social media, webinars. How do I decide what’s useful, what’s relevant? I know I came across something important about postpartum family planning [or any other family planning topic!] last week or last month, but I can’t find it now. I don’t remember where I saved it or whether it was in a webinar or a report. Mandritra izany fotoana izany, I feel like I keep going back to the same sources, the same partners. I know I’m missing critical information from some lesser-known sources. In summary, I’m so overwhelmed with the wealth of knowledge that’s out there about family planning and reproductive health programs, but I’m not sure I’m accessing the right information to optimize my program.

If that sounds familiar, you are not alone.

The scenario above illustrates the main knowledge management (KM) concern expressed by family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) professionals during four regional co-creation workshops hosted by Knowledge SUCCESS in mid-2020. Similar sentiments were highlighted across all four workshops—in sub-Saharan Africa, Azia, and the United States—indicating this is a consistent KM challenge for FP/RH professionals regardless of location.

Unless you are a new Knowledge SUCCESS visitor, you may already be aware of the co-creation workshops and the important insights and ideas that came out of them. The workshops used a design thinking approach rooted in empathy and toe-karena fitondran-tena to help participants to identify common knowledge management barriers and challenges. These barriers and challenges limit the flow of family planning knowledge between programs, firenena, and regions—but identifying them gives us opportunities to transform the way our FP/RH community approaches knowledge management.

The Opportunity: Create a tool to discover and curate family planning resources

Participants at all workshops expressed a desire for an online resource hub: somewhere to hitady timely resources from different projects and organizations curated in one place, save the ones that are most relevant for their particular context and needs, and easily return to them at any time.

From Prototype to Product: How design thinking helped shape FP insight

One group of participants suggested creating a new tool, inspired by Pinterest and other social media platforms, to provide a personalized space for FP/RH professionals to discover and curate family planning resources they feel are significant, relevant, and timely for their work.

A low-fidelity prototype of a resource curation tool
A low-fidelity prototype developed by a group of co-creation workshop participants

From this idea, we developed the first resource discovery and curation tool for FP/RH professionals—FP insight—and we are excited to announce that the tool is now ready for you to use! The FP insight launch event took place on June 23, 2021, drawing praise and excitement from more than 270 online attendees. (If you missed the event, you may watch the recordings in anglisy na FRANTSAY.)

A screenshot of FP insight's "Trending" feed, showing recent posts from the FP insight community
The live tool’s “Trending” homepage feed

Key Features: What you will find at FP insight

FP insight provides a personalized experience, serving information that is relevant to your needs and interests within your newsfeeds. It also provides a view into what like-minded professionals are saving related to FP/RH.

Some of the key benefits and features of FP insight include:

  • Discover relevant and timely information: Start your workday with FP insight to monitor what’s trending in FP/RH. FP insight’s design features three feeds (“For You,” “Trending”, and “Following”). You can view the Trending feed even if you’re not logged into your FP insight account. But to get the best experience on FP insight, including personalized ideas on the Following and For You feeds, be sure to create an account and log in.
  • Keep your favorite resources in one place: You are the expert; you know what is relevant and timely for your programs. FP insight puts you in the driver’s seat to curate your own collections so it’s easy for you to come back to the information you need when you need it.
  • Follow people and collections: Don’t get stuck going back to the same sources of information. Follow other FP insight users and their collections to get exposed to new sources of information that you otherwise may not have found on your own.
  • Collaborate with others: Do you have a shared interest with a peer or colleague and want to curate a collection together? Collaborative collections are a great way for FP insight users to share ideas with each other and with the broader FP insight community.
  • View and read online or offline: No internet access? No problem! Save HTML web articles to your device when you do have internet access, and read them even when you are away from an internet connection.

Miaraha amin'ny FP insight fiaraha-monina

Illustration of the FP insight scavenger hunt

Illustration of the FP insight scavenger hunt

The more our FP insight community saves and shares, the more everyone can discover and curate family planning resources that match their context and unique needs. Get started with the fun FP insight Scavenger Hunt and let us know when you have completed it to earn an Explorer Badge on your FP insight profile. miara-, we can use this resource discovery and curation tool to contribute to a body of knowledge on FP insight that benefits the whole FP/RH professional community.

Hamantatra bebe kokoa: Watch the introduction video below, or visit to explore and get started.

<span class="no_translate">FP insight</androm>: Mitadiava sy manara-maso ny loharanon-karena momba ny fandrindrana ny fianakaviana
Elizabeth Tully

Senior Program Officer, Fahalalana FAHOMBIAZANA / Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Elizabeth (Liz) Tully dia tompon'andraikitra ambony amin'ny programa ao amin'ny Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. Manohana fahalalana sy ezaka fitantanana programa ary fiaraha-miasa amin'ny fiaraha-miasa izy, ankoatra ny fampivelarana votoaty pirinty sy nomerika, anisan'izany ny traikefa ifanakalozan-kevitra sy horonan-tsary mihetsika. Anisan'ny mahaliana azy ny fandrindram-pianakaviana/fahasalamana ara-pananahana, ny fampidirana ny mponina, FAHASALAMANA, ary ny tontolo iainana, ary manadio sy mampita vaovao amin'ny endrika vaovao sy mampientanentana. Liz dia manana B.S. ao amin'ny Family and Consumer Sciences avy amin'ny West Virginia University ary miasa amin'ny fitantanana fahalalana momba ny fandrindrana ny fianakaviana hatramin'izay 2009.

Ruwaida Salem

Senior Program Officer, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Ruwaida Salem, Senior Program Officer ao amin'ny Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, manana saika 20 traikefa an-taonany eo amin'ny sehatry ny fahasalamana manerantany. Amin'ny maha-mpitarika ny ekipa ho an'ny vahaolana amin'ny fahalalana sy ny mpanoratra ny Building Better Programs: Torolalana amin'ny dingana amin'ny fampiasana ny fitantanana fahalalana amin'ny fahasalamana manerantany, izy no mamolavola, fitaovana, ary mitantana fandaharan'asa fitantanana fahalalana hanatsarana ny fidirana sy ny fampiasana ny fampahalalana momba ny fahasalamana manan-danja eo amin'ireo matihanina ara-pahasalamana manerana izao tontolo izao. Manana Master of Public Health avy amin'ny Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health izy, Bachelor of Science in Dietetics avy amin'ny Oniversiten'i Akron, ary mari-pahaizana diplaoma amin'ny famolavolana traikefa mpampiasa avy amin'ny Kent State University.

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