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And Another Thing: Week of October 25, 2021

With so many useful tools, resources, or newsworthy items to choose from, maybe you’d like to know more about what’s available? We’re testing a new product called And Another Thing, a list of more resource choices that are useful, relevant, and timely to anyone working in FP/RH.

We plan to publish And Another Thing for six to eight weeks. If you find it useful, we’ll make it an official product. If not, we’ll discontinue it. Let us know what you think by submitting your feedback.

And Another Thing

Tools and Lessons Learned in Addressing SRHR in Emergency Preparedness at the Community Level
Upcoming webinar, October 28

Seeking Breakthroughs in SBC at the Intersection of Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence
Interactive online feature

Choices & Challenges
Interactive tool helps to increase understanding about changes in contraceptive use over time

Mapping Child, Early, and Forced Marriage (CEFM) and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)
An interactive tool to inform CEFM and FGM/C programming

Advancing Family Planning Access and Use through Social Enterprises: Lessons from the HANSHEP Health Enterprise Fund
Study report

Sonia Abraham

Scientific Editor, Global Health: Science and Practice Journal

Sonia Abraham is the scientific editor for the Global Health: Science and Practice Journal and has been writing and editing for over 25 years. She holds a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland and a Master’s in Writing from Johns Hopkins.