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Inside the FP Story Podcast: Fifth Season Launches

Our Inside the FP Story podcast explores the fundamentals of designing and implementing family planning programming. We’re excited to announce the launch of our fifth season, on a topic that has been the focus of an increasing number of discussions in the FP/RH space—intersectionality. Intersectionality is “an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different types of discrimination and privilege” (Make Way’s working definition). Brought to you by Knowledge SUCCESS and VSO, Season 5 will introduce the fundamentals and importance of the intersectional approach, featuring practical examples and experiences from community members, health providers, and program implementers from diverse contexts.

Inside the FP Story is a podcast developed with and for the global family planning workforce. Each season, we feature honest conversations with guests from around the world about issues that matter to our programs and services. For Season 5, we are exploring the reasons why an intersectional lens is essential for sexual and reproductive health programs, including family planning. Throughout our three episodes this season, family planning program implementers, health providers, and community members share their experiences and help us understand this crucial topic.

Our first episode will begin by defining intersectionality—including its origins in Black feminism. Our guests will also introduce the Make Way program, implemented by VSO and its partners in the Intersectionality Consortium, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our second episode will highlight community perspectives. In addition to hearing from service providers, this episode also features the voices of community members who experience the challenges of obtaining SRH services on a daily basis. They discuss how their identities—including disability, economic status, gender and more–—have led to unique needs, challenges, and opportunities obtaining FP and SRH services. These individuals also offer recommendations for better meeting their needs.

For our third episode, we talk to program implementers about tools and approaches that others can use to ensure that policies, programs, and services are more inclusive and accessible to all. Our guests share their implementation experiences—including successes and failures—and give tips for others who may be new to using the intersectional approach.

Tune in every Wednesday from March 15 through March 29 as we highlight ways to incorporate intersectionality into family planning and sexual and reproductive health programs and services. Want a list of relevant resources and tools for using intersectionality in family planning programs? Check out this FP insight Collection.

Inside the FP Story is available on the Knowledge SUCCESS website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. You can also find relevant tools and resources, along with French transcripts of each episode, at KnowledgeSUCCESS.org.

Sarah V. Harlan

Partnerships Team Lead, Knowledge SUCCESS, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Sarah V. Harlan, MPH, has been a champion of global reproductive health and family planning for more than two decades. She is currently the partnerships team lead for the Knowledge SUCCESS project at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. Her particular technical interests include Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) and increasing access to longer-acting contraceptive methods. She leads the Inside the FP Story podcast and was a co-founder of the Family Planning Voices storytelling initiative (2015-2020). She is also a co-author of several how-to guides, including Building Better Programs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Knowledge Management in Global Health.

Cariene Joosten

Communications Advisor, VSO

Cariene Joosten is communications advisor at VSO and based in the Netherlands. She has a background in journalism and communications and has been working for NGOs since 2006.