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Asia’s FP Knowledge Management Champions

In March 2023, Knowledge SUCCESS (KS) embarked on a process of engaging and supporting Asia KM Champions. KS identified 2-3 champions coming from each of the USAID priority countries in Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines) for a total of 12 KM Champions in the region looking to further strengthen knowledge sharing within and across countries in Asia and to contextualize responses to each countries’ knowledge management needs.

Numerous organizations across Asia are engaged in FP knowledge management (KM) work. Knowledge SUCCESS set out to create a network of Knowledge Management Champions, a cohort of family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) professionals eager to enhance their knowledge of KM and why it is important for FP KM to be done systematically, and to implement strategies for capturing, sharing, and using knowledge. Serving as a KM Champion provides FP/RH professionals with opportunities to further their KM skills, to build networks with other KM professionals, and to share their learnings with their colleagues.

The Role of the KM Champions

Knowledge Management Champions, also known as KM Champions, drive the knowledge management agenda for FP/RH in their own organizations and countries, with support from Knowledge SUCCESS and peers.

In implementing KM into the delivery of FP/RH programs, Asia KM Champions contribute to the three main areas of the ASK Framework of knowledge management, namely:

  • Advocacy– spreading the message about knowledge management.
  • Support– acting as local representatives for knowledge management activities in their organizations, countries and networks.
  • Knowledge brokering– linking colleagues to knowledge, information, and resources; forging new partnerships; and advocating for the utilization of knowledge management products.
The Knowledge Management ASK Framework. It is a Venn Diagram consisting of three circles. The circles have "advocacy", "support", and "knowledge brokering" in them respectively.
The Knowledge Management ASK Framework

Meet the Asia KM Champions

Through an application process, a cohort of KM Champions were selected from former participants of Knowledge SUCCESS KM workshops or Learning Circles who expressed their interest in furthering KM in their organization, networks and countries. Hover over the photos, then click to learn more about each member.

Building Capacity

Knowledge SUCCESS strengthens the capacity of KM Champions by:

  • Providing timely and regular technical support to KM Champions,
  • Engaging them in monthly knowledge sharing and communication sessions,
  • Providing immersive opportunities for hands-on application of KM skills,
  • Connecting KM Champions with collaboration tools for knowledge sharing and cross-learning, and
  • Arranging opportunities for networking in Asia and Africa to increase KM Champions’ contacts and the resources they can share

KS provides a mechanism for KM Champions to engage, share and use knowledge within the region and ensures visibility for KM Champions as a KM leader in their country, regionally, and globally.

Over the course of the year, the cohort will participate in sharing, networking and training sessions with other KM champions, and will engage in the leadership of KM activities/campaigns in their organization/country.

Srishti Shah, a KM Champion from Nepal, shares, “I would like to be a KM Champion 1) to be able to perform my role better and 2) to be able to bring a bigger change in FP and ASRH in Nepal and Asia through better knowledge management…Championing KM in the country and region can help create an environment for more efficient and productive learning.”

One thing that excites the cohort most about engaging as KM Champions is meeting and networking with like-minded Champions in Asia. “I find utmost joy in knowing that there is so much more to learn in FP/RH, and what better way to learn than in the company of fellow KM Champions,” said Erickson Bernardo, a KM Champion from the Philippines.

Learn more about FP/RH work in Asia and explore tailored KM resources at Knowledge SUCCESS’s Asia regional page.

Pranab Rajbhandari

Country Manager, Breakthrough ACTION Nepal, and and Regional Knowledge Management Advisor with Knowledge SUCCESS, Johns Hopkins Center for Communications Programs

Pranab Rajbhandari is the Country Manager/Sr. Social Behavior Change (SBC) Advisor for Breakthrough ACTION project in Nepal. He is also the Regional Knowledge Management Advisor-Asia for Knowledge SUCCESS. He is a Social Behavior Change (SBC) practitioner with more than two decades of public health work experience. He has grounded field experience starting as a program officer and has in the past decade led projects and country teams. He has also consulted independently nationally and internationally for USAID, UN, GIZ projects. He holds a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from Mahidol University, Bangkok, a Master’s (MA) in Sociology from Michigan State University, Michigan and is an Ohio Wesleyan University alumnus.

Erin Broas

COVID & Communications Support, Knowledge SUCCESS

Erin Broas is a full-time Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular & Cellular Biology and in Public Health from the University of Arizona. Erin has previously worked in health education, health promotion, and health communication, with a particular focus on adolescent health, education access, and food security. As a student worker at Knowledge SUCCESS, she supports knowledge management activities and helps develop communication materials related to COVID-19 and family planning/reproductive health.