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Archive: Respectful Maternity Care Toolkit


Respectful Maternity Care Toolkit

You have reached this page either from the main Toolkits Archive page or because you followed a link to a page or resource that used to be in a K4Health Toolkit. The Toolkits platform has been retired.

This package of materials was designed to provide the tools necessary to begin the implementation of respectful maternity care (RMC). This involves changing old attitudes and developing new ones among colleagues and other stakeholders in the care of women and their newborns. The components of this toolkit were intended for use by clinicians, trainers or educators, supervisors, program managers, and policymakers or other key stakeholders who want to promote RMC in the programs for which they are responsible. This Toolkit was originally created by USAID’s Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program

Toolkit Alternatives

If you urgently require a specific resource from a retired Toolkit, contact toolkits-archive@knowledgesuccess.org.