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Our Work in Asia

There are many organizations working in Asia implementing successful FP/RH programs, with rich experiences and lessons learned. However, organizations working on FP/RH in the region lack knowledge-sharing opportunities for regional cross-learning and have expressed the need for capacity strengthening in KM. Knowledge SUCCESS meets this need by facilitating KM trainings with FP partner organizations, providing KM training and technical assistance to FP/RH workforce members, collaborating with relevant FP/RH organizations to develop and share timely content related to FP/RH in Asia, and supporting collaboration and connection among FP/RH workforce members. 

We’re sharing country and regional experiences.

We publish technical content highlighting FP/RH programs and experiences from the Asia region.

We’re growing a network of FP/RH champions with essential KM skills.

We host a KM Foundations course and hold tailored KM trainings on a regular basis.

We’re focusing on FP/RH issues that are important to Asia.

We host webinars on topics, like adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH), that are important to programs in Asia.

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We work primarily in USAID family planning priority countries. Is your country not listed? Contact us. We’d be happy to explore a potential collaboration.

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Asia Regional Resources

Meet the Asia Regional Team

Portrait of Grace "Gayo" Gayoso Pasion

Grace Gayoso (“Gayo”)

Gayo is the Asia Regional Knowledge Management (KM) Officer for Knowledge SUCCESS. She is based in The Philippines.

Anne Ballard Sara, MPH

Anne Ballard Sara

Anne is a Senior Program Officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP). She is based in the U.S.

Pranab Rajbhandari

Pranab Rajbhandari

Pranab is a Senior SBC Advisor for Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP). He is based in Nepal.


Brittany Goetsch

Brittany is a Program Officer II for Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP). She is based in the U.S.

Cozette Boyake

Cozette Boakye

Cozette is a Communications Officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP). She is based in the U.S.



Please contact us if you would like to contribute content to our website, or if you:

  • Have a challenge related to learning, knowledge sharing, or collaboration
  • Are interested in learning how knowledge management can help you achieve your goals and support strategic investments
  • Have feedback on what you’d like us to feature in our Asia newsletter and technical content

Events for Asia Region

Our team hosts regular webinars on relevant FP/RH topics for the Asia region. We also host trainings on knowledge management approaches and tools.

Upcoming Events for Asia

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