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Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis

Business Development Specialist and Social Entrepreneur/ Consultant, FP2030

Adam Lewis is a business development specialist and social entrepreneur based in East Africa, where he advises local public and private sector organizations in the areas of sexual/reproductive health, maternal/newborn health, emergency/critical care, and safe surgery/anesthesia. He also serves as a private sector consultant with FP2030 (a global movement to advance the sexual/reproductive health of women and girls) and co-founder of SUJUKWA (a Tanzanian NGO focused on innovative solutions for local health providers). Adam has worked in global health and development for more than a decade, initially as a communications and advocacy consultant for Merck for Mothers (a corporate responsibility initiative to reduce maternal mortality) and USAID before transitioning to lead business development in sub-Saharan Africa for Gradian Health Systems (a U.S. social enterprise that makes anesthesia and critical care equipment) and Laerdal Medical (a Norwegian company that specializes in emergency care training products). Adam is also a freelance researcher and writer covering global health and social justice, with articles published in VICE, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Guardian, Colorlines, NextBillion, and other outlets.

mic The photo depicts The Kasha Fulfillment Center in Kigali, Rwanda. Kasha is an e-commerce company that enables confidential purchases of health care products, including contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and HIV oral self-test kits. The Kasha Fulfillment Center sells and distributes general beauty and over-the-counter health products. It also relays orders to pharmacies (e.g., for birth control and morning-after pills) for fulfilment and delivery in discreet packaging. The wall to the left in the photo is made of brick and is painted teal. It is lined with white bookshelves with various health and wellbeing products such as soup, shampoo, deodorant, and menstrual pads. There are two white tables in front of these shelves with a horizontal file folder, two computers and a printer on top. There are also two black chairs pushed in, in front of the white tables. A woman sits in the far back left corner of the photo at one of the computers. Another woman stands to the right of the tables and wears a grey t-shirt, jeans, and pink sandals. The wall in the right side of the photo is painted bright pink.