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Deepti Mathur

Deepti Mathur

Technical Lead - Program Learning and Training, PSI India

Deepti Mathur is the Technical Lead - Program Learning and Training at PSI India. A results-oriented professional with several years of experience in designing, planning and executing projects around issues that include family planning, reproductive health, pediatric and corneal blindness, eye banking, HIV/AIDS, and disability and education. In her current role, she stewards the knowledge management unit and drives critical components of TCIHC's qualitative data collection efforts through most significant change story collection process amongst others. She is proficient in program management, content management, monitoring, and knowledge management. She has worked with organizations of repute such as Gates supported Technical Support Group - Truckers, NACO; ORBIS International and Pratham. Deepti holds a Master’s of Science degree in Community Resource Management & Extension from Delhi University. Deepti is the first-ever winner of TCI’s Most Valuable Player award.

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