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Dennis Aizobu

Dennis Aizobu

Practice Area Lead, Strategic Initiatives, Society for Family Health Nigeria

Dennis is highly creative, self-motivated, goal oriented professional with solid progressive experience in applying evidence-based approaches and principles to deliver cost effective solutions and facilitating a people centred healthcare across several spectra of the healthcare system. Expert in Human centred design, Implementation science specifically the use of Re-Aim tools and framework in application, translation, and synthesis of knowledge for pilot and scale up. With over 20 years of demonstrated experience, and the last 18 years specifically in the development sector, spanning across working with the public, private and social sector with multi-country experience in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Dennis has strong technical, managerial and financial leadership experience with core areas of competences to include project management, fund mobilization/proposal writing, supply chain, market innovation, product and market development. Over the years he has pioneered and lead the drive for total market approach to health solutions across several disease areas with very strong focus on the efficiency of the private sector. Strong in market research, private sector market development, designing and managing mixed healthcare system where he leads in harnessing and unifying the public and private sector to deliver cost effective healthcare solutions focused on consumer powered healthcare.

A group of African men and women sitting down. Photo credit: Neil Freeman for Alliance