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Joy Munthali

Joy Munthali

Founder/Executive Director at Green Girls Platform and A Co-founder of the We Trust You(th) Initiative

Joy Hayley Munthali is a youth activist and the founder and current executive director of Green Girls Platform, a female-led initiative that works to address the violence that girls and women face due to Climate Change in Malawi. Green Girls Platform is also the Co-founder of the We Trust You (th), a global initiative that was set up to challenge and support youthfocused donors and NGOs to partner and fund young people more intentionally and equitably. Joy is also an advisor for the Global Resilience Fund. She enjoys working with girls and young women to ensure that their rights are fully realized and they live up to their full potential.

Vineeta Rana, Faith Kaoma, Aman Chugh, and Joy Hayley Munthali (far right) sitting on a red carpeted stage at ICFP for a panel discussion hosted by the We Trust You(th) Initiative, Engender Health and the YP Foundation from India on partnering with youth. Thailand, 2022.