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Kavita Nanda, MD, MHS

Kavita Nanda, MD, MHS

Director of Medical Research, Fampandrosoana sy Fampidirana ny vokatra, FHI 360

Kavita Nanda, MD, MHS, Director of Medical Research, FHI 360, is an obstetrician/gynecologist who has devoted her career to developing and improving the use of contraceptive methods for women. She was a co-investigator and chair of the contraceptive-safety committee for the Evidence for Contraceptive Options (ECHO) trial, a multicenter randomized trial of three different contraceptives and HIV acquisition in 7,800 African women at high risk of HIV. Dr. Nanda has served as the principal investigator for several FHI 360 studies, including addressing the safety of hormonal contraceptives among women with various medical conditions, and as study medical director for several large HIV prevention trials. Amin'izao fotoana izao, Dr. Nanda is the director of a program to develop a new biodegradable implant for contraception funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

DMPA-IM, 2-rod levonorgestrel implant, ary ny IUD varahina. Photo credit: Leanne Gray