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Lydia Kuria

Lydia Kuria

Project Officer, Amref Health Africa

Lydia is a nurse and works as a Project Officer with Amref Health Africa. She currently provides Technical Support to primary health care facilities located in the Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi. Her technical support covers maternal, baru lahir, anak, dan kesihatan remaja; prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV; keganasan berasaskan jantina; and pediatric and adolescent HIV prevention, jaga, dan rawatan. Prior to this, Lydia worked as a nurse in the MNCH/Maternity and outpatient departments in the Amref Kibera Clinic, where she served as the facility team lead. Lydia enjoys farming and providing mentorship and life skills training to young girls and women. You can reach Lydia at lydia.kuria@amref.org.

Lydia Kuria ialah jururawat dan fasiliti yang bertanggungjawab di Pusat Kesihatan Amref Kibera.