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Maureen Ogada-Ndekana

Maureen Ogada-Ndekana

Chief of Party, SHOPS Plus, Tanzania

Maureen Ogada-Ndekana is an accredited pharmacist with advanced qualifications in health management and sexual and reproductive health. She is an enthusiastic development health leader with solid private sector experience. The positions Maureen has held have typically focused on the catalytic use of donor funding to develop and implement market strategies and models aimed at solving health market challenges efficiently. She has held positions leading social marketing, social enterprise, social franchising, and market development efforts to increase access to key health commodities and services. In her current role, Maureen leads the USAID global flagship private sector initiative, SHOPS Plus in Tanzania, leveraging and unlocking the potential of private sector to accelerate progress towards Tanzania’s health outcomes. Maureen leads a team that works with partners in the country to understand and address health market challenges and builds stewardship capacity to use market data and health behavior insights to overcome market barriers by applying market shaping approaches to optimize sustainable supply, equitable access, price diversity, and quality. Maureen’s career is fueled by a strong belief that access to priority public health information, services and commodities is the engine to achieving sought after health outcomes.

A family of three in Tanzania