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Dr. Md. Mosiur Rahman

Dr. Md. Mosiur Rahman

Professor, Population Science and Human Resource Development Department, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Mosiur Rahman, the principal investigator, holds a position as an acting Professor at the Population Science and Human Resource Development Department of the University of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. He received his master's in science from the Population Science and Human Resource Development department and his second master's in Global Community Health from the University of Tokyo in Japan. Additionally, he received his PhD and completed the JSPS Postdoctoral Program in Public Health Leadership at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Japan. Dr. Rahman trained as a scholar of population studies, then broadened his research capacity in global public health in the last 14 years. More than 110 academic publications of his have now been published in international peer-reviewed journals. Themes that frequently appear in the majority of his published writings include family planning, demographic issues, and specific public health issues like non-communicable diseases. He received the Bangladesh University Grant Commission Award for Outstanding Research in recognition of his superior research. His study has been supported by numerous national and international organizations, including USAID, the WHO study Fund, the John Hopkins University Tobacco Control Fund, and others.

Photo Credit: Bangladesh Research Team, Bangladesh.