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Dr. Naresh Pratap KC

Dr. Naresh Pratap KC

Administrator, Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN)

Dr. Naresh Pratap KC is the administrator of Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN). He has over 32 years of extensive experience in government service in Nepal, leading large and complex programs through program planning, development implementation, and management. He led key national entities under the Ministry of Health and Population serving as a director for Family Health Division (FHD), Logistics Management Division (LMD), Management Division, and National Center for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC). He was the chief of country for the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) and helped launch the Measles Campaign 2005, one of the biggest public health events in Nepal. He provided significant leadership to set the foundation for and establish the country’s maternal health program, the best health program in Nepal. He has supported disease-specific policy formulation with strong technical collaboration between national NGOs and civil society organizations. He has consulted with WHO in Indonesia and Sudan; worked for Mjanyana Hospital, Eastern Cape, South Africa; and as a TB Educator for Project HOPE, Uzbekistan. Dr. Naresh has an MPH, MD, and Diploma in Tuberculosis and Epidemiology (DTCE).

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