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Mutoru yang berharga, MPH

Mutoru yang berharga, MPH

Advocacy & Partnerships Coordinator, Perkhidmatan Penduduk Antarabangsa

Precious is a public health professional and a thought-strong advocate for the health and wellbeing of communities across the globe, with a keen interest in sexual and reproductive health and gender equality. With nearly five years’ experience in reproductive, maternal and adolescent health, Precious is enthusiastic about innovating feasible and sustainable solutions to the various reproductive health and social issues affecting communities in Uganda, through program designs, strategic communications and policy advocacy. Pada masa ini, she is serving as an advocacy and partnerships coordinator at population Services International – Uganda, where she is collaborating with partners across the board to pursue objectives that will promote the agenda for family planning and reproductive health broadly in Uganda. Precious subscribes to the school of thought that insists that improving the health and wellbeing of populations in Uganda and across the globe. Selain itu, she is a Global Health Corps alum, a champion for self-care for sexual and reproductive health and knowledge management in Uganda. She holds an MSc. in Public Health from the University of Newcastle – United Kingdom.

Ahli kelab remaja Muvubuka Agunjuse. Kredit: Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Imej Pemerkasaan
Pekerja kesihatan masyarakat | Pekerja kesihatan masyarakat Agnes Apid (L) bersama Betty Akello (R) dan Caroline Akunu (pusat). Agnes menyediakan maklumat kaunseling dan perancangan keluarga kepada wanita | Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Imej Pemerkasaan