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Racha Yehia

Racha Yehia

Managing Director, Care 2 Communities

Racha Yehia has a Bachelor’s degree in nutritional science with a minor in international development from McGill University in Montreal. After finishing her degree, she worked on various nutrition projects in the Philippines and Burkina Faso. Before joining C2C, she completed a two-year contract with one of C2C’s partners, Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) that produces a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) to combat malnutrition in Haiti. During her time with MFK, she managed the nutrition department where she helped more than 20 organizations start malnutrition programs all over Haiti. She also facilitated the launch of several prenatal supplementation programs. Racha has been with C2C for over four years, helping expand our network from 2 to 7 clinics. Racha’s leadership in various aspects of C2C functions such as managing renovations, implementing new systems and programs, training, and managing daily operations, has marked improvement and increased efficiency on the ground. With her solid understanding of Haitian culture and customs as well as her years of experience, Racha is able to better determine what is practical and feasible when it comes to international development in Haiti.

Introducing the curriculum to parents in Savanette in southeastern Haiti. Image credit: Care 2 Communities