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Rachel Yavinsky

Rachel Yavinsky

Conseiller principal en politiques, Bureau de référence démographique (PRB)

Rachel Yavinsky is a senior policy advisor in International Programs at PRB. Puisque 2019, she has been seconded to Population Council as Research Utilization and Knowledge Management Team Lead on Breakthrough RESEARCH, a USAID-funded social and behavior change research project. Her focus is on facilitating the sharing of information between research, entraine toi, and policy through clear messages and innovative products, and she has worked on topics including social and behavior change, planning familial, santé maternelle, and population, santé, et environnement (PHE). Précédemment, Rachel managed PRB’s Policy Communications Fellows program. Rachel has a masters in health science degree in reproductive and perinatal health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and a bachelor’s degree in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy from Duke University.

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