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Shelley Megquier

Shelley Megquier

Program Director , Olugbe Reference Bureau

Shelley Megquier is a program director in PRB’s International Programs and manages the Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy project. Megquier leads strategic communication, capacity development, and policy advocacy activities in close collaboration with partners in countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa. She joined PRB in 2014 with a rich background in gender and development work, including experience working in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Peru, Thailand, and the United States. Megquier holds a master’s degree in sustainable international development from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and a bachelor’s degree in global studies from Saint Lawrence University.

Awọn Aṣoju Awọn obinrin ti a yan (Awọn EWR) pejọ ni ita Aarin School Harka ni agbegbe Sitamarhi lati jiroro lori awọn ọran agbegbe. Kirẹditi aworan: Paula Bronstein / Getty Images / Awọn aworan ti ifiagbara