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टोनी स्नोमैन

टोनी स्नोमैन

Advocacy and Partnerships Officer, Foundation For Male Engagement Uganda

Tonny is the advocacy and partnerships officer at Foundation for Male Engagement Uganda. He is a public health practitioner and sexual reproductive health and rights (एसआरएचआर) specialist with seven years of experience in the design and implementation of SRHR among young people in Uganda. He is the current chairperson of the Youth4UHC movement in Africa as well as a member of the UNFPA Youth technical working group on Population, एसआरएचआर, and Climate change. Tonny is a former country coordinator for the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP) युगांडा में.

Muvbuka Agunjuse युवा क्लब के सदस्य. श्रेय: जोनाथन तोर्गोवनिक/गेटी इमेजेज/इमेजेज ऑफ एम्पावरमेंट