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Fourniture de contraceptifs & Sécurité

Tonny Muziira, Youth Chairperson for Universal Health Care Africa: “Governments should make SRH information and services essential services for young people, or else we may have a baby boom post COVID-19.”
A woman participates in the Nyalungana swamp reclamation activities, part of the Tuendelee Pamoja (Moving Forward Together) programme, part of USAID's Development Food Assistance Program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Guttmacher and UNFPA/Avenir experts estimate a 12-month contraceptive supply chain disruption resulting in 15 million unintended pregnancies in low- et pays à revenu intermédiaire. Photo: Tanya Martineau, Prospect Arts, Food for the Hungry
Small commercial drug shops are often the first line of health care in low- et pays à revenu intermédiaire, especially in rural areas. Photo: FHI 360.