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COVID-19 dan Perancang Keluarga/Petugas Kesihatan Reproduktif Peta Cerita

COVID-19 dan Perancang Keluarga/Petugas Kesihatan Reproduktif Peta Cerita

In May 2020, the WHO/IBP Network, USAID-funded Knowledge SUCCESS project and the USAID-funded Penyelidikan untuk Penyelesaian Boleh Skala (R4S) project formed the COVID-19 and Family Planning/Reproductive Health Task Team to create a space to discuss challenges faced by family planning stakeholders during the pandemic. Members shared both short-term adaptations and longer-term strategies in response, and the Task Team has documented these in an interactive StoryMap.

Peta Interaktif Pasukan Petugas FP/RH IBP COVID-19 dan

Click the image to access the interactive map.

IBP members’ challenges resonate across borderslockdowns and related restrictions, lack of information, and governments and health systems pushed to the brink. In response, many noted their reliance on high impact practices to ensure service delivery, perubahan sosial dan tingkah laku, and advocacy efforts to promote family planning are based on evidence. Adaptations varied from context to context, but many activities have been re-envisioned or paused. Illustrative adaptations include supplying multiple months of contraceptives, community-based surveillance of COVID-19, and technical assistance to develop plans to ensure the continuation of service delivery.

To view the bilingual ArcGIS StoryMap (English/French), click here. The map can be filtered by programmatic area or COVID-19-related challenge via the checkboxes on the left. Once you click on a box, you will be able to select a country and click through information about the adaptations implemented, the type of COVID-19 challenges faced, the project, and contact information if you’d like to reach out to learn more.

The Task Team invites you to contribute information about how you are adapting family planning activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please fill out this Google form (available in Inggeris dan Perancis) to submit your adaptation and have it included in the map. If you have questions, please email ibpcovidfptaskteam@gmail.com.

You can join the COVID-19 and FP/RH Task Team by visiting www.ibpnetwork.org and registering, and then visiting the IBPXchange and joining the group. Sign-up for the IBP list serve here.

*This map was inspired by a similar one developed by PSI to visualize their COVID-related program adaptations.

Peta Interaktif Pasukan Petugas FP/RH IBP COVID-19 dan
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