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Tamar Abrams

Tamar Abrams

Escritor colaborador

Tamar Abrams ha trabajado en temas de salud reproductiva de la mujer desde 1986, tanto a nivel nacional como mundial. Recientemente se jubiló como directora de comunicaciones de FP2020 y ahora está encontrando un equilibrio saludable entre la jubilación y la consultoría.

Head antenatal nurse Margie Harriet Egessa providing antenatal counseling and checkups for a group of pregnant women at Mukujju clinic. This clinic is supported by DSW. Photo credit: Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment
Health workers teach a Natural Resource Management group about family planning. Photo: Hen Mpoano.
A woman participates in the Nyalungana swamp reclamation activities, part of the Tuendelee Pamoja (Moving Forward Together) program, part of USAID's Development Food Assistance Program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Guttmacher and UNFPA/Avenir experts estimate a 12-month contraceptive supply chain disruption resulting in 15 million unintended pregnancies in low- and middle-income countries. Photo: Tanya Martineau, Prospect Arts, Food for the Hungry
Photo: Patrick Mwesigy, courtesy of Family Planning 2020