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Imugboroosi Ifisi ni Asia: An intersectional lens on FP/RH services for People With Disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and LGBTQI+ communities

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Imugboroosi Ifisi ni Asia: An intersectional lens on FP/RH services for People With Disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and LGBTQI+ communities

Oṣu Kẹjọ 11 @ 7:00 emi - 8:00 emi EDT

Bẹrẹ akoko ibi ti iwo ni: A ko le rii agbegbe aago rẹ. Gbiyanju atunkojọpọ oju-iwe naa.

Imugboroosi webinar Ifisi

After hearing insights and experiences from implementing partners in Asia, we realized that high-quality family planning (FP) ati ilera ibisi (RH) services and rights for underrepresented populations is a key priority topic within Asia. Most FP/RH programs are moving towards being more inclusive in their approach to ensure that no one is left behind. But what does being truly inclusive mean?

On Thursday, Oṣu Kẹjọ 11, Join Knowledge SUCCESS for an engaging, dynamic discussion as FP/RH organizations within Asia share their experiences on offering inclusive-friendly services to people with disabilities, hard to reach populations, indigenous peoples, and the LGBTQI+ community. Guest speakers will discuss key insights and lessons learned on what works and what doesn’t when providing inclusive FP/RH services, and how service delivery changes when these identities intersect.


  • Grace Gayoso Pasion, Asia Knowledge Management Regional Officer, Aseyori Imọ

Ifihan Agbọrọsọ:

Dr. Kalpana Apte | Director General, Family Planning Association of India

Dr. Kalpana Apte is a medical doctor with a ‘Master of Public Health (MPH)’ in Human Sexuality, Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, CA, USA. She also holds a PG Diploma in Hospital Management from University of Mumbai and Diploma in Executive Education, Harvard Kennedy, Government School, Boston, USA.

She is the CEO of the Family Planning Association of India (FPA India), one of the largest civil society organization, working on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) in India. A well-known expert in the field of SRHR and FP, Kalpana is thought leader and her work includes translating community level voices in policy speak. She is a Champion of SRHR issues and works with her team in implementing at scale sexual and reproductive health related services, monitoring quality of services, training various cadres of health care providers in sexual and reproductive health and related issues and programme implementation.

Contraceptive technology, quality of services and reproductive rights are some of the key areas of her interest. She has been involved in strategies to expand the contraceptive choices in India, particularly the newer methods like the implants, injectables, Female condoms, vaginal ring and others.

She is a member of various national and international advisory committees, task forces and expert groups, such as the International Advisory Group, Non-Surgical Permanent Contraception, University of Portland, USA and Sexual Harassment Redressal Committee and Maternal Death Review Committee constituted by the Government of Maharashtra. She has several publications to her credit and has contributed many chapters for textbooks.

Imeeli: kalpanaapte@fpaindia.org


Ramchandra Gaihre | Founder & General Secretary, Blind Youth Association Nepal

Ramchandra Gaihre is a public speaker with motivation and inspiration. A youth advocate for persons with disabilities, he has been actively engaged in the disability rights movement since his adolescent age. In recent times, he has demonstrated strong leadership skills in the inclusion of persons with disabilities in democratic practices, good governance, including sexual and reproductive health rights of persons with disabilities. Ramchandra has also been engaged as an independent consultant designing and developing accessible and inclusive programs and services for various civil society organizations.

Imeeli: rgaihre@byanepal.org, ram.focused@gmail.com


Marcus Swanepoel | Deputy Director, Roots of Health

Marcus Swanepoel is the Deputy Director of Roots of Health, a Palawan-based NGO that provides reproductive health education and services. He oversees the development and execution of the organization’s strategy. Marcus also works closely with teams to develop new initiatives, ways of working and to problem-solve pressing issues to ensure that the organization achieves its goals.

Before joining the organization Marcus gained experience in teaching, media, and management across Africa, Asia and North America. He now draws on the skills that he developed in these fields to enhance the overall performance of the organization.

Marcus received his Bachelor’s degree from Rhodes University where he majored in English and Journalism. After graduating he earned his Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management, also from Rhodes University. He earned his Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of South Africa.

Imeeli: marcus@rootsofhealth.org

Imugboroosi webinar Ifisi

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Oṣu Kẹjọ 11
7:00 emi - 8:00 emi EDT
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Grace Gayoso Pasion
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