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Elisabeth Tully

Elisabeth Tully

Agent principal de programme, Knowledge SUCCESS / Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Elizabeth (Liz) Tully est agente principale de programme au Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. Elle soutient les efforts de gestion des connaissances et des programmes et les collaborations en partenariat, en plus de développer du contenu imprimé et numérique, y compris des expériences interactives et des vidéos animées. Ses intérêts incluent la planification familiale/santé reproductive, l'intégration de la population, de la santé et de l'environnement, et la distillation et la communication d'informations dans des formats nouveaux et passionnants. Liz est titulaire d'un BS en sciences de la famille et de la consommation de l'Université de Virginie-Occidentale et travaille dans la gestion des connaissances pour la planification familiale depuis 2009.

A healthcare worker with RCRA Uganda administering a vaccine to an infant. Photo credit: Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA)
An graphic of three candles and a holiday wreath. The text says: "3rd Annual Family Planning Resource Guide. Your guide to 20 FP/RH resources developed or updated by USAID implementing partners in 2022."
Several Young and Alive Youth Fellowship participants gather together at the 2nd Social Entrepreneurship workshop in Tanzania. Photo credit: Mwinyihija Juma at Young and Alive Initiative
A family of seven walk together through the trees in Uganda. Photo Credit: Charles Kabiswa, Regenerate Africa
Women at an adult literacy class funded by Paraspara Trust. Photo: John Isaac/ World Bank
An African woman and three thought bubbles. There's an IUD in one, a health clinic in another, and a conversation in the third
Dugongs, a type of large marine mammal, being released by the community of Maliangin, Malaysia within the Maliangin marine sanctuary.
Man with water hose. Credit: Herve Irankunda
Nurse Holding insertion materials. This image is from "An Integrated Approach to Increasing Postpartum Long-Acting Reversible Contraception in Northern Nigeria” IBP Implementation Story by Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI).
FP insight: discover and curate family planning resources | Illustration of a person running to catch pieces of information