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A group of African people standing on a stage. Photo credit: La Communauté de Pratique PFPP intégrée à la SMNI/Nutrition
Shegitu, a health extension worker, facilitates a women's conversation on family planning (FP) at Buture Health Post. Since 2006, the Ethiopia Public Health Association (EPHA) has been building the capacity of the country's Health Extension Program and expanding access to quality community-based FP services. EPHA has trained numerous health extension workers in comprehensive FP with an emphasis on IUCD insertion, enabling many women to receive their contraceptive method of choice.
Young health workers standing in a road in Palawan, Philippines. Both are dressed in all black, are smiling at the camera, and are holding up their hands in a peace sign. Both are also carrying plastic boxes in front of them.
A young woman sits surrounded by other young people. She demonstrates the use of an internal/female condom.
Three women stand close to a table with medical supply donations from Parkers Mobile Clinic
women on computers
A trainer from Pathfinder International holding a male condom
raised hands