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Knowledge Innovations

Transforming the way we find, share, and use knowledge to improve voluntary family planning programs.

There is a wealth of family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) knowledge accumulated through research and practical programmatic experience. However, ensuring that this knowledge is shared among FP/RH professionals, accessible to all, and applied in practice remains a challenge. Knowledge SUCCESS is working directly with FP/RH professionals around the world to design better tools and solutions to support their work in FP/RH programs as they seek relevant information, share evidence and best practices, and apply learnings to their context. Our transformative approach blends together knowledge management, behavioral economics, and design thinking. Read on to learn more about our resources and activities.

Family Planning Professionals Behavioral Journey in Knowledge Management

What psychological and behavioral drivers influence how people find and share knowledge?  This report explores formative research findings and specific behavioral economics mechanisms (choice overload, cognitive overload, learning preferences, social norms, incentives) that are relevant to the ways in which FP/RH professionals seek out and share information. The report recommends how organizations and programs can address barriers and opportunities, and explains the implications of these findings for knowledge management within the FP/RH community.

The Future of Knowledge Management for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Programs

Knowledge SUCCESS hosted a series of four regional workshops in mid 2020 with FP/RH professionals from Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa, Asia, and the United States. Using a design thinking approach, participants identified common barriers and behaviors that are limiting the flow of family planning knowledge between programs, countries, and regions — and opportunities to transform the way our FP/RH community approaches knowledge management. This report analyzes trends and findings across all four workshops by each step in the design thinking process.

Launching in 2021: Knowledge Innovations               

As a result of these regional workshops, our project is launching three knowledge innovations for the broader FP/RH community in early 2021. The goal of these innovations is to transfer the power of knowledge management into the hands of people designing, implementing, and leading family planning programs.

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