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2021 State of the Art in Engaging Men and Boys in Health and Development: A Technical Marketplace

Join The Interagency Gender Working Group’s (IGWG) Male Engagement
Task Force in this engaging webinar on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 8:30 AM ET. Learn about recent research, programming, approaches, and tools for engaging men and boys in health and network with colleagues working on engaging men and boys across health and development areas around the globe. 

As strides have been made in research and programming around engaging men and boys in recent years, new and recurring challenges and opportunities require that we continue to emphasize men and boys as key actors in promoting gender equality and improving global health outcomes. Key questions for advancing meaningful engagement of men and boys include:

What more can we do to engage men and boys as clients of health services for their own health and well-being?

How can we engage men as partners and users in gender-synchronized interventions (e.g., couple-focused programming) while still upholding women’s agency and autonomy? Should the approach vary for men in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships?

What does it take to engage men and boys as agents of change in shifting gender-inequitable norms of masculinity and fortifying gender-equitable norms of masculinity at the community and societal levels?

How have the research topics and methodologies evolved to better capture the influence and impact of male engagement interventions?

What can we do to engage a broader diversity of men and boys (e.g. men with gender-inequitable attitudes and beliefs, sexual and gender minority men, men with disabilities)?


  • Tuesday, September 21, 2021
    • 8:30 AM Washington D.C. | 12:30 PM Accra | 3:30 PM Nairobi | 6:00 PM Delhi