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POPLINE retirement

Are you looking for an article or resource from POPLINE?

The POPLINE website retired on September 1, 2019. POPLINE was managed by the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Ihe oru ngo, which ended on September 10, 2019.

POPLINE was a valuable resource to the population, atụmatụ ezinụlọ, and reproductive health community for over 40 afọ (1973-2019). Its collection of more than 400,000 records provided students and researchers worldwide with access to journal articles, akụkọ, akwụkwọ, unpublished resources, and full-text documents (to users in low- and middle-income countries).

Knowledge SUCCESS is a new project that continues USAID’s legacy of knowledge management for family planning and reproductive health. We’re helping to make family planning and reproductive health information available and accessible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for by following the list below, Biko kpọtụrụ anyị anyị ga-emekwa ike anyị niile inyere gị aka.

Where can I find alternative access to journal articles?

Since POPLINE’s inception in 1973, many free resources have become available and offer alternative access to journal articles. These resources collectively meet the majority of POPLINE user requests. The following resources offer alternative access to journal articles:

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