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परियोजना समाचार

वयस्क साक्षरता वर्ग में महिलाएं. श्रेय: जॉन इसाक/विश्व बैंक.
Illustration of people from around the world exchanging knowledge
FP insight: discover and curate family planning resources | Illustration of a person running to catch pieces of information
People collect data in a mangrove forest. छवि क्रेडिट: PATH Foundation Philippines, Inc.
People-Planet Connection featured image
Background graphic for the GHTechX conference with global health-related icons such as a globe, a scatter plot, a coronavirus, a group of people, and a magnifying glass
Knowledge Management Course feature image: Nurses listen during a training program. Photo © Dominic Chavez/World Bank
Knowledge Management workshop in Dakar, सेनेगल
प्रतिभागी जन लेड, वैलेरी गिस्टियाने त्सेमो, पैट्रिक सेगावा, और लुइस ऑर्टिज़-एचेवरिया ने कार्यशाला श्रृंखला के दौरान अपनी कहानियों को साझा किया.