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Novidades do Projeto

Illustration of world map with images of a clip board, a stethoscope, and a health card linked to the map.
Two East African teens smiling wearing matching green dresses
illustration of hand holding access to people, tools, and knowledge available online in yellow, pink, and turquoise.
animated group of professionals in a discussion surrounding a table
Round table small group discussion during the Francophone COVID-19 vaccination workshop in Senegal (April 2023)
Youth ages 15 to 19, from socially and economically marginalized communities, attend a Pathfinder International training about adolescent sexual and reproductive health.
Image with photos of the past 2022-2023 Steering Committee Representatives of The Collaborative
graphic illustration of a woman siting at a desk typing a email.
several individuals fish farming in low tide water up to their ankles.
Nurse caring for mother and newborn in hospital bed.