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First Class-Pharmacists and pharmaceutical technologists training in family planning using the newly approved curriculum
Community health worker | Community health worker Agnes Apid (L) with Betty Akello (R) and Caroline Akunu (center). Agnes is providing the women with counseling and family planning information | Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment
touch_app “I feel stronger and I have time to look after all my children,” says Viola, a mother of six who accessed family planning services for the first time in 2016. Image credit: Sheena Ariyapala/Department for International Development (DFID), from Flickr Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Joshua Yospyn/JSI, courtesy of flickr
Linha do tempo IBP COVID-19 and FP/RH Task Team Interactive Map
A woman self-injects DMPA-SC. Image credit: PATH/Will Boase
Photo Credit: Joshua Yospyn/JSI, courtesy of flickr