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Yusuf Nuhu

Yusuf Nuhu

Advocacy, Partnerships, and Accountability Manager - FP2030 North, West, and Central Africa Hub , FP2030

Yusuf Nuhu brings over a decade of expertise in managing donor-funded projects across diverse sectors, including Family Health and Nutrition, Education, Economic Empowerment, Human Rights, and Peace Building. With a strong background in monitoring and evaluating projects, he adeptly tracks indicators of process, output, outcome, and impact. Currently serving as the Advocacy, Accountability, and Partnership Manager at the NWCA Hub FP2030, Yusuf oversees and implements initiatives focused on civil society engagement, partnerships with non-FP entities, and engagement with regional bodies. His previous roles include positions at Pathfinder International, Africa Health Budget Network, and IWEI, where he demonstrated his proficiency in areas such as Reproductive Health/Family Planning, Evidence and Accountability, and Monitoring and Evaluation. Through his work, Yusuf is dedicated to advancing initiatives that promote family health, human rights, education, and economic empowerment in Nigeria and beyond.

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