Andika ili kutafuta


mwendelezo wa mbinu

A woman learning family planning options like contraceptive implants at a rural village on the outskirts of Mombasa.
Ugandan people in a farm field. Photo Credit: James Peter Olemo
A dirt road to the right of the photo leads to a small green health clinic in the distance. In front of the clinic is a porch area with a group of people sitting outside. Credit: Afghanistan, Department for International Development, 2009.
maikrofoni RH champions and advocates wave purple flags while singing Lila (purple), the RH advocacy anthem. Purple symbolizes women’s rights. Photo courtesy of Grace Gayoso Pasion.
A woman in a warehouse smiling while wearing a hardhat and holding a pen and clipboard
Illustration: Young people of many cultures
Illustration: Young people of many cultures
ratiba Illustration: Young people of many cultures
Gonoshasthaya Community Health Center (outside Dhaka). Gonoshsthaya Kendra (GK) provides health care and health insurance to undeserved populations in Bangladesh. Photo: Rama George-Alleyne / World Bank