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COVID-19 and FP/RH Task Team Story Map

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

Since May 2020, the COVID-19 and Family Planning/Reproductive Health (FP/RH) Task Team has provided a space for FP stakeholders to discuss challenges faced during the pandemic and share response strategies. Last week, the team launched an interactive story map that documents both short- and long-term program adaptations that different FP/RH programs have implemented in the COVID-19 context.

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COVID-19 and FP/RH Task Team Story Map

The Task Team, chaired by World Health Organization/IBP Network, Knowledge SUCCESS, and Research for Scalable Solutions (R4S), discovered just how much COVID-19 challenges resonated across borders. Many organizations noted their reliance on high-impact practices to ensure service delivery, social and behavior change, and advocacy efforts to promote FP are based on evidence. Illustrative adaptations include supplying multiple months of contraceptives, conducting community-based surveillance of COVID-19, and providing technical assistance to develop plans to ensure the continuation of service delivery.


Search the map by program area—Service Delivery, Social Behavior Change, Advocacy, or a combination—or by country. See the challenge faced, adaptation made in response, and contact information to learn more from the implementing organization. Keep watching this space, as a complete French translation will be coming soon. This map presents a valuable resource for family planning professionals to connect with each other, learn, and share knowledge.