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Video: Exploring Potential “Side Benefits” of Contraceptive Methods

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

Many women often discontinue or don’t adopt a contraceptive method because of real or perceived side effects that can be negative. A new video, Exploring Potential “Side Benefits” of Contraceptive Methods, developed by FHI 360 and the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, asks, “What if instead of only focusing on side effects, we also consider potential ‘side benefits?’’ The video discusses the noncontraceptive health and lifestyle benefits that contraceptive methods can offer to women.

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Video: Exploring Potential "Side Benefits" of Contraceptive Methods

The video asserts that we need to do more to educate policymakers, program managers, healthcare providers, and communities about these potential side benefits of contraception. As the video is available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, it represents a useful resource for many family planning and reproductive health programs to consider around the world.


This video was developed through the Knowledge SUCCESS and Envision FP projects with funding from USAID, and the Contraceptive Technology Innovation (CTI) Exchange.