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The Intended Podcast

That One Thing - The one FP/RH update you need to focus on this week

Dear Family Planning Champion,

Did you know that a male birth control pill was being tested back in the 1950s—and it worked—but never made it to market? So why are condoms and vasectomies men’s only contraceptive option today? What would male contraception even look like and how would it impact women and their relationships?

Intended, a fascinating new podcast by Male Contraceptive Initiative, sheds light on all of these questions and more.

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The Intended Podcast

Science has intended to get male contraceptives on the market for decades. What happened? Male Contraceptive Initiative’s new podcast Intended uncovers the history, failures, and hopeful future of male contraception.

The first season is 8 episodes and is an “immersive audio exploration” featuring interviews with over 50 individuals representing the research community, funders, advocates, critics, and the general public.