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A Policy Framework for Engaging Men and Boys in FP

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

In family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH), men and boys have important roles as supportive partners and users. They can also be agents of change. If you work in FP, you know that the necessary policies are often not in place to create an enabling environment for male engagement in FP. This week’s resource presents a policy framework for this strategy and examples of how the framework can be applied to strengthen the enabling environment.

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A Policy Framework for Engaging Men and Boys in FP

The Health Policy Plus (HP+) project interviewed global experts in male engagement and FP to collect best practices and new research on male engagement in FP/RH. The framework is organized around men’s and boys’ three overlapping roles in family planning: as contraceptive users, as supportive partners for FP, and as agents of change. The nine-page brief includes 27 policy provisions that influence men’s and boys’ participation in FP and seven principles for male engagement.


Read more about the framework to tap into this useful resource for policymakers and policy analysts, or anyone looking for a tool to identify strengths and gaps in global, national, and subnational policy environments related to male engagement.

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