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Key Insights for First-Time Parent Programs

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

Young first-time mothers have a higher risk of poor pregnancy, delivery, and child health outcomes, which are compounded by multiple factors that limit their access to timely health information and services. To help first-time parents achieve better health and gender outcomes, family planning and reproductive health programs should design interventions that are tailored to address the many health needs and related social and gender issues that affect first-time parents.

This week, we feature a resource by the Evidence to Action Project that shares valuable insights and experience–both the “how to” and the “how not to”– gleaned from implementing programs for first-time parents in 3 countries in Africa.

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Key Insights for First-Time Parent Programs

Evidence to Action (E2A) shares eight insights garnered from its experience designing and implementing programming for first-time parents (FTPs), highlighting the most important lessons learned across its projects. Each insight provides background on the issues involved, including the specific challenges or opportunities that are unique to FTPs and key points to consider when designing and implementing FTP programs. They also share activity cards and guidance for working with first-time mothers, their male partners, and their older women relatives. A French translation will be available soon!