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The Power of Youth Voices

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Family planning and reproductive health professionals are increasingly talking about how engaging youth should encompass supporting and uplifting youth-led social accountability. This means that youth hold governments and service providers accountable for the provision of quality healthcare. Though we can applaud increased implementation in this area, there is an urgent need for documentation and learning.


The new MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership (MGCL) landscape analysis sought to uncover challenges to youth social accountability related to participation, health system responsiveness, and an over-emphasis on short-term project-based accountability compared with sustainable youth-led movement building.

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The Power of Youth Voices: How Youth Are Holding Their Health Systems Accountable for Family Planning and Reproductive Health

In this analysis, MGCL answers some critical questions, Incluindo, how have youth been engaged in social accountability for family planning and reproductive health at facility, subnational, and national levels, and what outcomes have been achieved? What are the barriers and facilitators to youth participation?


By sharing lessons learned from broader social accountability initiatives, this MGCL analysis provides recommendations to advance youth social accountability in family planning and reproductive health.

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