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FP2030 COVID-19 Conversations with Family Planning Advocates

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

How have countries responded to the challenges of continuing essential family planning services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what advocacy interventions have proven most effective? This week, we want to share how you can hear directly from family planning advocates around the world on the strategies that worked best in their context.

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FP2030 COVID-19 Conversations with Family Planning Advocates

FP2030 recently launched this series of video conversations with advocates who share what advocacy strategies have worked best during the pandemic. FP2030 will be adding to the series over the next few months, involving different partners from different regions. 


Watch the short video clips to hear about vaccine distribution plans, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and more. The videos are in English, but did you know that YouTube has an automatic translation feature for subtitles? Turn on closed captioning (CC), then select: Settings > Subtitles > Auto-translate > Then choose your language.

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