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Op-Ed: Maintaining Dignity During Menstruation

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

“In every country in the region, we need to remove remaining taboos on menstruation so we can contribute to an inclusive dialogue about how menstrual health can be improved before disasters occur,” says op-ed author Björn Andersson, who penned a recent article on the Asia and the Pacific blog for UNFPA.


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Op-Ed: Maintaining Dignity During Menstruation

The article details the urgency and importance of investments in menstrual hygiene, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, where climate change intensifies natural disasters. This results in a loss of privacy and safety, so people who menstruate face greater barriers managing their menstruation. Read about what UNFPA has been doing in the region to tackle this issue through comprehensive sexuality education in schools, and check out the photo blog at the end of the article.

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