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Podcast: MOMENTUM Presents, Innovating in a Pandemic

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

Listening to a podcast is a great way to get information on trending topics in family planning and reproductive health on your own time. Podcasts also offer an opportunity to hear directly from implementers in different contexts on a particular topic. Check out the latest from MOMENTUM Presents, a podcast series produced by the MOMENTUM project.

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Podcast: MOMENTUM Presents, Innovating in a Pandemic

This podcast series is titled “Innovating in a Pandemic,” and currently has two episodes out, which are less than 30 minutes each. Guests from India and Sierra Leone share how their countries have expanded existing health platforms and quality improvement efforts to maintain safe, high-quality health care for women and children, including family planning services, amidst the pandemic. You can download a transcript of the episodes if you prefer to read, or read as you listen.