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Project Impact: Support for International FP and Health Organizations 2 (SIFPO2)

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

Increasing people’s access to and use of family planning (FP) services requires not only making methods available but also improving the quality of counseling and services provided. 

From 2014–2021, PSI’s Support for International Family Planning and Health Organizations 2 (SIFPO2) aimed to strengthen organizational capacity to increase access to and use of high-quality family planning and reproductive health services in countries around the world. The project’s final report takes a comprehensive look at how it achieved its targeted results.

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Project Impact: Support for International FP and Health Organizations 2 (SIFPO2)

Drawing from private-sector networks of providers and partnering with public sector facilities and Ministries of Health, SIFPO2 increased access to and use of high-quality, affordable FP products and services among several focus countries. The USAID-funded program’s final project report summarizes the methods it used to support access to critical health care products and services. Key results include: 

  • Strengthening method choice in FP.
  • Digital health innovations that support individuals, providers, and health system stakeholders. 
  • Pioneering interventions to support youth access to FP. 
  • Advancing locally-led development by supporting not-for-profit and commercial actors.


Read the report for insights on how SIFPO2 met the needs of its focus countries and how it surpassed its 2020 goal of reaching 10 million more young people with voluntary FP. 

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