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Saman Rai

Saman Rai

Director General, Population Welfare Department Government of Punjab, Pakistan

Population management is a multifaceted endeavor that demands a profound shift in both mindset and cultural norms. In Punjab, where the tradition of large families is deeply ingrained in the socio-cultural fabric, addressing this issue requires significant effort from policymakers. As the head of the Family Planning Department, Saman Rai seizes the opportunity to translate insights into impactful campaigns, messages, and creative content, persistently advocating until these concepts become ingrained in people's consciousness. With a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and a Master's degree in Public Policy, specializing in Social Policy from the Australian National University, Saman Rai is dedicated to fostering the social capital necessary for societal transformation. Coming from a background in public sector communication, culture, museums, and arts councils, Saman finds Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) particularly compelling, given its crucial role in slowing down population growth in Punjab and Pakistan. Saman recognizes the power of persuasion and creativity facilitated by technology, witnessing a quiet revolution unfold with the integration of SBCC strategies. Utilizing infotainment—a blend of information and entertainment—Saman engages audiences across various mediums, from television and radio to internet and mobile platforms. By leveraging infotainment, the Population Welfare Department's SBCC initiatives effectively reach a youthful demographic, tapping into a wide array of applications and social and digital media platforms. Saman firmly believes that, with continued efforts, the principles of family planning will be widely embraced and implemented by the populace in the years to come.

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