Mag-type para maghanap


pag-iisip ng disenyo

Instructor teaching a course to a classroom filled with adult students
graphic illustration of a woman siting at a desk typing a email.
Two women sitting at a table and writing on sticky notes. Credit: Breakthrough Action & Research.
mic RH champions and advocates wave purple flags while singing Lila (purple), the RH advocacy anthem. Purple symbolizes women’s rights. Photo courtesy of Grace Gayoso Pasion.
Performing a skit on early marriage, a girls’ team competes in a theater contest during the talent show portion of the Kolda Regional Fair, made possible by a Feed the Future grant. Photo by Lauren Seibert, Peace Corps, courtesy of Flickr
A nurse prepares materials, including pregnancy tests and contraceptive products, for a family planning demonstration. Credit: Maheder Haileselassie Tadese/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment
Two women sit at a table during an event by an association that encourages sex workers to go for health check-ups and facilitates access to sexual and reproductive health information and counseling in Kigali, Rwanda. Photo Credit: Yagazie Emezi/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment
Detail of a mosaic artwork called "River of Knowledge". Image credit: Carlos Lowry via Flickr Creative Commons
timeline Illustration of people from around the world exchanging knowledge
A graphic of a Zoom call with a pie chart