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How Our Work Benefits

USAID Missions

Using knowledge to maximize development impact

USAID Missions operate in diverse contexts and have unique health and development goals. Yet there are common concerns across country and regional development cooperation strategies:

  • a desire for better coordination among donors and implementing partners;
  • strategic integration of health and development programs and policies;
  • local ownership ati leadership of development systems and processes; ati
  • awọn active exchange of evidence-based and experiential knowledge at the district, Orilẹ-ede, and regional levels.

These are all goals that can be achieved through isakoso imo, which is a systematic process of collecting and curating knowledge and connecting people to it so they can act effectively and efficiently.

FP insight: discover and curate family planning resources | Illustration of a person running to catch pieces of information

Our team brings technical knowledge in family planning, ilera iya ati ọmọ, HIV, abo, and youth; extensive regional networks and 60-year history of building African-owned health solutions; and deep experience nurturing sustainable, behavioral-driven, locally-led systems for learning and collaboration. This 4-page brochure outlines our approach, past work with USAID Missions, and specific examples of KM technical assistance.

What We Can Do For USAID Missions

Supported by a 5-year cooperative agreement (2019–2024), Knowledge SUCCESS can provide technical assistance to all USAID Missions and can accept funds from all USAID/USG accounts. Services that we provide to our field partners include:

  • Strengthen coordinating structures, such as national coordinating bodies and technical working groups (TWGs)
  • Support local KM champion institutions to engage the community to share and use knowledge in technical programs
  • Strengthen the capacity of organizations to more quickly identify and strategically combine global evidence and local knowledge to develop local solutions and achieve greater impact

To learn how Knowledge SUCCESS can help you achieve your RDCS and CDCS goals, please reach out directly to our USAID AOR, Kate Howell, or use our contact form.

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