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Meet FP Insight's Ambassadors

Launched in March 2023, the inaugural cohort of the FP insight Ambassador program includes a talented team of FP/RH professionals who are driven by a passion for knowledge management and leveraging digital platforms to improve family planning programs. The FP insight Ambassadors have undergone extensive FP insight training, emerging as platform experts who are skilled at leading trainings for interested new members. Having already onboarded over 50 new users, they are ready to support you on your learning journey!

Click the photos below to learn more about the FP insight Ambassadors and sign-up for a training with them today!

Henry Wasswa

Contact Henry

Nom: Henry Wasswa

Poste/Organisation : Program Officer, AMREF

Pays: Ouganda

Chizoba Onyechi

Contact Chizoba

Nom: Chizoba Onyechi

Poste/Organisation : Agent principal de programme, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Pays: Nigeria

Pritha Biswas

Contact Pritha

Nom: Pritha Biswas

Poste/Organisation : Conseiller technique principal, Pathfinder International

Pays: Inde

Mercy Kipngeny

Contact Mercy

Nom: Mercy Kipngeny

Poste/Organisation : Program Assistant, The Centre for the Study of Adolescence

Pays: Kenya

Anu Bista

Contact Anu

Nom: Anu Bista

Poste/Organisation : Quality Assurance Manager, Nepal CRS

Pays: Népal

Lilian Clement Marmo

Contact Lilian

Nom: Lilian Clement Marmo

Poste/Organisation : Program Coordinator, Young & Alive Initiative

Pays: Tanzanie

Connect with Lilian on FP insight!

Abdoul Fatahi Alitchawu

Contact Abdoul

Nom: Abdoul Fatahi Alitchawu

Poste/Organisation : Knowledge Management Officer, Pathfinder International

Pays: Aller

Moubarak Idris

Contact Mubarak

Nom: Moubarak Idris

Poste/Organisation : Consultant & Storyteller, ChangemakerXchange

Pays: Nigeria

Interested in a training session for yourself or for a group?

FP Insight trainings are available to individuals or groups. These virtual training sessions are flexible, and available in both French and English and are designed to introduce users to the platform’s features and demonstrate how FP Insight allows for the discovery of new resources to design and implement quality FP/RH programs.

Training participants also receive hands-on support to confidently add their first resource to the FP insight knowledge base, ensuring they feel empowered to contribute meaningfully to the FP insight community.

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