Andika ili kutafuta


kijijini KM

Instructor teaching a course to a classroom filled with adult students
women at the meeting
A group of Kenyan women. Photo Credit: Fintrac Inc.
An graphic of three candles and a holiday wreath. The text says: "3rd Annual Family Planning Resource Guide. Your guide to 20 FP/RH resources developed or updated by USAID implementing partners in 2022."
A teacher shows students condom use in an educational program to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS. Cambodia. Photo: © Masaru Goto / World Bank
maikrofoni Shegitu, a health extension worker, facilitates a conversation about family planning with ten women at Buture Health Post in Jimma, Ethiopia. Photo credit: Maheder Haileselassie Tadese/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment/December 3, 2019.
A woman in a warehouse smiling while wearing a hardhat and holding a pen and clipboard
A man and a women with their shadows behind them