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Season 4

Inside the FP Story

Season Four: Family Planning Fragile Settings

Brought to you by MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience and Knowledge SUCCESS 

Inside the FP StoryIn the fourth season of Inside the FP Story, we collaborated with MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience (IHR) to explore how to address family planning and reproductive health within fragile settings. Over four episodes, you will hear from a variety of guests as they offer practical examples and specific guidance from diverse contexts

Want to read the transcript while you listen? We’ve posted transcripts in English, French and Spanish under each episode. Episodes are also available on Simplecast, Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts.

Inside the FP Story is a podcast with family planning professionals, for family planning professionals. Each season, we explore the details of family planning programming, like you’ve never seen it before. Hear directly from program implementers and decision makers from around the world on issues that matter to family planning and get an inside look into their programs. Through these honest conversations, we’ll learn what has worked in family planning programs, what to avoid, and what others are doing to push the boundaries of creative solutions.

Episode One: Introduction to Family Planning in Fragile Settings

This episode will provide background and basics on fragile settings and family planning programming within these contexts—including the concepts of fragility, health resilience, and the humanitarian-development nexus. Guests will also discuss the impacts of fragility on family planning and sexual and reproductive health. Download the transcript in French.

Episode Two: Gender and Social Norms in Fragile Settings

In this episode, guests will discuss social and gender norms, and cultural contexts, which are key to understanding and improving family planning programming in fragile settings. Download the transcript in English or French.

Episode Three: Quality of Care in FP/RH in Fragile Settings

In this third episode, we explore quality of care in fragile contexts and what it means for family planning service delivery. Download the transcript in English or French.

Episode Four: Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in Fragile Settings

On this fourth and final episode this season, we focus on the unique challenges of adolescents and youth—as well as creative approaches and opportunities—to ensure that young people in fragile settings can obtain the sexual and reproductive health services they need and want. Download the transcript in English or French.